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Welcome to Endurance.

We are a supportive, empowering fitness community designed to help you reach your goals and exceed your potential. Endurance combines a high intensity, strength training program with nutritional coaching, accountability and goal setting to help you maximize your physical fitness results and develop a healthy lifestyle that endures. Our program is for men and women of all fitness levels. Whether you are a business owner, an employee with a rotating schedule, a parent of young children, a busy student, or a retiree, join the Endurance family and get ready to transform your life.

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First endurance fitness class?

Plan on arriving 10 minutes early to get signed in, learn more about the gym, and meet your coach. We will make sure you have everything you need before you begin.

Our workouts are professionally designed to focus on strength, cardio, core, balance and mobility. The variety of workouts that we offer will help you decrease body fat and keep you motivated to achieve the results you desire. Your coach will explain, review and demonstrate each part of the workout along with every exercise so you know exactly what you’re doing plus modifications for you. We will always begin with a dynamic warm-up before we start class!

Check out the schedule for the different classes we offer. Our Endurance workouts will change your physical, mental and emotional well being. We can’t wait to get you signed up and begin your fitness journey!

Endurance Fitness Approach


Our high-intensity, strength training program is led by a Certified Personal Trainer. Each day, choose the class time that fits your schedule. Our 60-minute classes are co-ed, high energy, affordable, and fun for the entire family. Every workout is different! You will always have a new and exciting workout to stretch you out of your comfort zone. Our daily protocol is planned to ensure you are working every muscle group with a combination of strength and cardio. if you are just beginning your fitness journey or have specific physical requirements, our team is happy to help you modify your workout as needed.

1:1 Meetings

Everyone is encouraged to meet with our trainers one-on-one every few weeks to keep you accountable. During these meetings , you will work together to write out your goals, track your measurements and progress, and push past those barriers. We will also coach you through your nutritional goals and guide you to assure your success!


We offer complimentary childcare for children ages 12 weeks to 12 years. While you make time to tackle your fitness goals, your children will look forward to their time at Endurance Kids. We believe that taking time for yourself will make you a stronger dad or a happier mom, and demonstrate to your kids the importance of a healthy lifestyle . Family fun workout events are also important to us and will occur regularly at Endurance Fitness!

Your Endurance Fitness membership gives you access to unlimited classes, 1:1 meetings, and child care. Our goal is for you to develop everlasting friendships and for our gym to be a safe place for you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We will celebrate each others’ victories and push each other without judgment and competition.


Start your free trial or contact us to learn more. We are located in North Augusta, SC.




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